"And I can't even ask the question on SO for fear of SO."

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"So I don't want to delete anything"

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Ok, my patience was shorter than I thought, now back to QWERTZ

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Maybe I'll switch to Dvorak in the future, we'll see whether I can hold out

Is there any way to get a Linux certification without having your deadname on it? All of the institutions make it basically impossible to contact them, so please tell me if you know anything about that. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Retoots are welcome too.

The Freedom to Control Your Own Computer

"The ‘dangerous’ ideas of RMS; who are those dangerous to? Whose business model?"


#techrights #rms #freesoftware #gnu

Opinion thread: In terms of quality (and a bit of file sizes), do you prefer WebP or HEIF?

Repeats are welcome

"I'll do you one better, google drive for version control"

by AnonymousSeeker5

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