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Im happy to announce the first release of my hobby project "Socialtree" a selfhosted alternative to Sites like Linktree.
You can find a demo here:
And the source code is available here:

Try it out :02smile:


Endlich ist es soweit!

Bundesfamilien- und Justizministerium legen die Eckpunkte für unser #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz vor.

Damit wollen wir nach über 40 Jahren das diskriminierende Transsexuellengesetz abschaffen.

Ein Meilenstein für die Menschenrechte!

Thread 👇


Fazit Pressekonferenz zum geplanten Selbstbestimmungsgesetz in DE 

Und hier ist das schriftliche Eckpunktepapier:

Stehen ein paar Details drin, die mündlich nicht gesagt wurden. (Leider u.a. auch eine Spezifizierung der Entschädigungen, die soll es explizit für Personen geben die durch das TSG "von Körperverletzungen oder Zwangsscheidungen betroffen" waren).

Für mich sind noch Detailfragen offen (z.B. X im Reisepass?), das wird auf den Gesetzesentwurf warten müssen.

Request for input from blind programmers 

Saw a tweet saying that tabs work better than spaces when you're using a braille display

Seems logical, but this information doesn't seem to be coming from a blind person, so I thought I'd check

Which form of #Python indentation is more accessible to you?

(sighted people: don't vote, be patient)

#accessibility #programming

Almost fell asleep in class...
But I sit in the first row :blobupsidedown:

The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

Today I presented something in front of my class with my laptop, which has a wallpaper with my OC on it. A few of my classmates made fun of the "anime" wallpaper, but my teacher said that at least IT still has some clothes on. It made me so happy that he could not assume the Gender :02smile: :02smile:

being queer around the world, suicide, it's bad 

So let's see. A small incomplete collection of things that happened around the world. That's just for this month.

Someone shot people in front of a queer bar the night before Pride in Oslo.

Hundreds of people who came for banned Pride were arrested in Istanbul, among other places in Turkey.

Japanese court thinks same sex marriage is rightfully illegal.

Calling for the execution of trans people / their allies is a totally normal thing to say for politicians in the US.

Saudi-Arabia bans rainbow colored toys now.

There were again (after the deadly 2015 attack) death threats against Jerusalem Pride.

Queer people in many places still fear to be executed.

Gay scenes are censored in movies shown in China among many other places.

Almost half of queer teenagers in Poland attempt suicide.


No, we are nowhere near queer utopia. I really can't stand most western European pride events and their party attitude "let's celebrate because we made it". Fuck you. We need riots not parties. Here where it is safest to do it.

I've decided to move fedi-picbot to Codeberg:

Maybe at some point I'll self host this on a personal Gitea instance, but until then this is the new canonical repository.

tech companies be like "here are tools to monitor your child's private conversations, social media posts, bank accounts, diaries, browsing history, class attendance, GPS location, and deepest inner thoughts" with parents going "why child not trust me???? ?????"

politics, pride, us fascism 

if you're wondering why i've always in solitary with drag culture ""despite"" being a trans woman, the current situation in the US should be enough for y'all to figure it out.

if they come for one of us, they come for all of us.

pride is a protest.

Why do I really, reeeeealllly need a Obi-Wan plushie RIGHT NOW!!! :02hug: :02hug: :02hug: :02hug:

This Episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi today, whew....
Realy a 10/10 :02heart:

Fedi is the most strange thing in the world.

On normal social media, you write a message and people just ignore it forever.

Here, you write a message, it stays ignored for 1 or 2 years, and then all of a sudden, for no reason, with no explanation, someone finds it somehow, boosts it, and it gets 200 likes and 120 boosts.

What the fuck.

I'm sure someone will boost this message in 2021 or 2022.

Based Sesamstraße


R is for Rainbow! 🌈 Rainbow flags have been waving in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community since 1978. These symbols continue to evolve and take new forms, like the 2018 Progress Pride Flag by Daniel Quasar. Together, let's learn what each of these colors represent! #PrideMonth


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