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A "real" apartment! I can't believe it.

Btw prepare for moaning about rent

shoutout to arch linux. it's such a good wiki. I've never used the distro btw

I'm looking for a USB Hub (2.0 would be enough) which works especially well with audio equipment. Many audio devices are very sensitive to noise. I can't, for example, connect two of my Roland Boutiques to the same power source (yet). If one of you has good experiences with a specific hub, I'm all ears!

#followerpower #audio #hardware

Well waking up relatively late and walking the dogs for a few hours per day might be a part of why I feel like there's only time for work. Oh and most definitely sleeping about 10 hours per night.

Let's assume that it takes an hour to get ready for bed and another to wake up. That's half a day gone. Then added 6hr work and another 2 of commute. Now I got what, 4 hours to live a healthy life? I want to use at least two of those for dogs and one for exercise.

Sounds like I need a timetable.

My favorite hobby is shutting all my emotional issues in and letting them fester.

embrace yourself and be the little gremlin if that's your thing. Life is too short to try to be something you aren't.

we're seeing vacation levels at about 08%

(08%) ■□□□□□□□□□

O fuq. We gotta pay rent for both apartments for a month. Now's definitely the time to sell the gaming pc to cover the cost of the old apt

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