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Greetings to all entities receiving this message. I’ve come to understand that some kind of is customary around here.

The most clever and short way I can put it is I’m a gamer boy becoming a Linux beard.
I’m kinda lost in life in general. I’m pretty sure I love techy stuff and nature. Thre’s probably gonna be a link to my homepage in the profile metadata at some point so you can read more about me and e-stalk me on all the places if you are into that sort of stuff.

"MemeAsking relevant questions in class leads to 30 minute anecdotes about his personal life"

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Are a bunch of candle and now I'm feeling bit sick. Go me

downing anxiety pills with energy drink always cracks me up a little

How to fix Firefox if you're having trouble today :

Kill the running Firefox process (through your favourite task manager, htop, whatever)
Access about:config
Search for network.http.http3.enabled and set it to false
Close Firefox and kill it again
Launch Firefox

if anyone has any advice they wish they had heard when they were in their 20s and stuff, i'd be really interested in hearing it!

Agressive Finn shitpost mutilating latin or something 

Carppee so vitun diemi niinku se ois sulle velkaa!

When I did worse and didn't shower for days, I used to joke that it's a social distancing enforcing measure. "If you can smell me, you probably should be standing further away anyways".

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