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I'm gonna move to

At least for a while; also delete & redraft for unlisted

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Greetings to all entities receiving this message. I’ve come to understand that some kind of is customary around here.

The most clever and short way I can put it is I’m a gamer boy becoming a Linux beard.
I’m kinda lost in life in general. I’m pretty sure I love techy stuff and nature. Thre’s probably gonna be a link to my homepage in the profile metadata at some point so you can read more about me and e-stalk me on all the places if you are into that sort of stuff.

stop making eye contact

eyes weren't made to be contacted

I'm gonna move to

At least for a while; also delete & redraft for unlisted

ufw (a firewall) uses rule numbers when you want to, say, delete a rule. Does it display the rule numbers when you list them with ufw status?

No, of course not, that would be too easy (you’d win the game right away, where’s the fun in that?)

So, instead you have to type ufw status numbered.

Remember kids, beautiful defaults are for newbs and losers. Real gamers play in hard mode.


*walks away mumbling*

#usability #ufw #linux

Birth control joke 

Hold up, that's basically just abstaining.

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Birth control joke 

You know what's the most effective method of birth control?

Security through obscurity!

Hide ya genitals, don't make humans unintentionally

Looking forward to getting out of the flight path of military jets

Does anyone know a self-hosted gameserver manager like Pterodactyl?

Best part of my week is changing bedsheets. That crisp, fresh, detergent-smelling sheet.
Adult life is wild.

What do you think are the most quotable phrases?

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