Happy to report that layer8.space is now rockin the 2.3.0 release :blobpats:

And again a happy welcome to everyone who join recently


Ab jetzt läuft layer8.space mit 2.3.0, welche seit heute verfügbar ist. :blobpats:

Dazu ein "Herzliche Willkommen" an alle, die seit dem letzten Update mit dabei sind.

@Highway The most visible feature is the new landing page when you're not logged in.

The Releasenotes with all little details are [here](github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/)

@Sammy8806 sounds like lot of cool updates I just think its funny the pleroma and gnu social people are little upset about Elasticsearch. what I see its just search and analysis tool.

@Highway Yeah, some features in this update are strange to some people (like ldap support) but I think Elastic is nice to have for searches (especially on big instances)
I probably won't use it in the near future for this instance.


@Sammy8806 I was thinking building a instance but its going to take a long time of thinking

@Highway Yeah, why not?
I've got the resources at hand, so I thought "why not?"

But consider the effort needed stay up-to-date with the instance itself and os running it

@Sammy8806 I'll probably stay here and baraag.net for long time. I'm just at the planning stages

@Highway Well ... I won't complain about using my instance 😇

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