New server, time to start building my home lab. Just need ram

Python Meets ZSH: Funky takes shell functions to the next level

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North Virginia -- Big news from the fictional state of North Virginia as some candidates break away with strong & decisive leads in exit polling.

At this time Jackdaw_News can announce that North Virginia has elected its first Cube governor.

Winners have been declared in the following races...

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Queen of the damned was Disturbed Mamma Mia!

I am getting more followers on here than I have on Twitter

Anyone else just wish the year of the 🐧 desktop would hurry up and get here.

Pulling cables kinda sucks, but I have learned so much about the process and how to do it wrong.

Life sucks then you realize that your not religious and things get better

Working sucks. I just want to stay home and play games. To bad I am not a streaming person

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