Speaking of 's openings, this chromatic from the chorus is quite addictive:
leading into a ii–V–I cadence at the end.

Essentially, it's just a fancy way of turning a B7 chord (the II) into Bm7 (the ii) but this is a vital ingredient to "Shiny Days" being what people call a .

Still can't get over the brilliant buildup of the dominant in 's S2 opening, at the end of the bridge. The two blue notes (D♭ and C♭ over a B♭7 chord) and the tightly performing brass section are too good not to get excited about every time.

Full OP: youtube.com/watch?v=pNNwudhgvE

Yuru Camp S2E1 spoiler 

That moment when young Rin gets to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji for the first time (at 11:37). It's accompanied by a leitmotif we already know by heart from S1 (D–A–A–A–B–G–A) and which hasn't appeared so far in S2. Seconds before, the motif gets subtly introduced over Em and C chords, centered around G instead of A. As Mt. Fuji comes into view, we reach the tonic (D major).

This is Rin discovering the joy of camping, set to the "birth" of our beloved leitmotif!

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