Sequence of keys in Kigen no Yoi Hakase:
D – B♭ – E – C – [C – E♭ → C] – C – A♭ – D – B♭ – [B♭]
([ ] signify the interlude resp. the coda, the only real modulation in the piece is symbolized by →)

It's basically an ABA , with each A section built upon the intervallic relations
M3↓ – TT↓ – M3↓.

Look here for a very faithful :
Have fun practising the interlude!

Think this is only about repetitions of the same ? Apart from the keys, the is what makes the piece interesting.

The two A sections feature these four types of instrumentation in sequence:
– flutes, glockenspiel and clarinets over pizzicato strings
– bassoon over pizzicato strings, accentuated by triangle and clarinet
– legato strings over bowed staccato strings, accentuated by glockenspiel
– solo oboe over bowed strings

So, the A sections are basically the same with respect to key relations and instrumentation. After four iterations, we arrive at a key one whole step lower than where we started (D to C, C to B♭). The interlude doesn't break the sequence as it modulates back to the previous key (C).

That means: You can actually chain the A sections (and the interlude, if you will) ad infinitum! After 6 iterations, you would end up back in D major.

(Well, in practice it's limited by your instruments' range.)

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