Oh wow, I got answers to my toots and didn't see them. Need to figure out why I didn't get notified, sorry if you feel ignored.
Will check those links you recommended tomorrow!
@JonossaSeuraava @p2501 @FediFollows

Can anybody recommend a good NodeJS course? I don't need the noob route where they explain variable types and if statements, more like a guide on how to start a project, best practices, language specific quirks, etc.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated!

Okay, got the first two days of done. My GitHub profile is now prettier than ever!

Tomorrow I will either blog about how to use GitHub actions to automatically update the README.md or I will set up my RasPi to serve as a host for all my documentations.
Last time I checked DietPi didn't allow multiple Let's Encrypt certificates, so either I override certificates manually or I take another distribution.
Any experienced people out there who can help with that choice?

Okay, got rid of most toots I don't understand because of the language (there is indeed a setting for that, very nice!) and some of those porn spamming bots. Slowly this platform looks usable.

Started the challenge, maybe that will let me finally finish a project or two.
Day one was updating my GitHub profile page, procrastinating like a good programmer should do!

My first impressions of mastodon could be better. All I see are Japanese postings, bots that post nudes or hentai every 20 minutes, anti-maskers and a few special ones that have their mental disability written in their bio. I mean I get it, it's the internet, but I can also try twitter again if nobody can tell me the pros of this network 😔

Okay, that's that!

I might be a bit late to the party, but I thought instead of reviving my twitter account I could try this here out. Seems promising, but brings the same problems that I had when I started with Twitter: Who to follow, what to post, where to look?

Let's see what happens, maybe you will surprise me!

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